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Love and Hate by Meowmeowmeow21 Love and Hate :iconmeowmeowmeow21:Meowmeowmeow21 0 4 Nothing Is Perfect by Meowmeowmeow21 Nothing Is Perfect :iconmeowmeowmeow21:Meowmeowmeow21 0 2 F*** It by Meowmeowmeow21
Mature content
F*** It :iconmeowmeowmeow21:Meowmeowmeow21 4 2
SpiritVDC - Updated Emblem by Meowmeowmeow21 SpiritVDC - Updated Emblem :iconmeowmeowmeow21:Meowmeowmeow21 0 0 Didney Plz by Meowmeowmeow21 Didney Plz :iconmeowmeowmeow21:Meowmeowmeow21 0 3 Tau Sept Symbol - Kai'por Sept by Meowmeowmeow21 Tau Sept Symbol - Kai'por Sept :iconmeowmeowmeow21:Meowmeowmeow21 0 0 Necron Dynastic Glyph - Nehktum Dynasty by Meowmeowmeow21 Necron Dynastic Glyph - Nehktum Dynasty :iconmeowmeowmeow21:Meowmeowmeow21 1 6 Success and Failure by Meowmeowmeow21 Success and Failure :iconmeowmeowmeow21:Meowmeowmeow21 0 0 ARAM by Meowmeowmeow21 ARAM :iconmeowmeowmeow21:Meowmeowmeow21 0 0 Freedom by Meowmeowmeow21 Freedom :iconmeowmeowmeow21:Meowmeowmeow21 4 0
The Last Prayer
I pray in the night for the will to fight
To carry the banner once more with me
As I look around, the faces I've found
Mere ghosts walking beside me
I pray through the night for this last fight
That all will somehow be alright
But all I see strewn before me
The dying of the light
Our boots hit the floor, race through the door
Shining for all the world to see
In valor we fight, for love we die
And hope for what will never be
Muster your courage and charge into the black
Burn bright once more, sound the cry
Heaven awaits as the whole world breaks
And all we've ever loved will die
For them we fight, for them we die
Our lives mean nothing as they are
For all to see, our memory
Will be carved into the floor
Will light shine again 'cause I didn't give in?
Will all go back to the way it was again?
Will the dark be undone by the hand of the one
Who gave himself in love for them?
All I see, the black before me
And pray that somehow the scratch I'll leave
Will drown my grave in its dying blood
:iconmeowmeowmeow21:Meowmeowmeow21 2 0
Manly enough for ya? by Meowmeowmeow21 Manly enough for ya? :iconmeowmeowmeow21:Meowmeowmeow21 2 7
A Light in the Dark - Episode 1
Warhammer 40,000 Fanfiction - "A Light in the Dark" - Episode 1: The Battle of Malsic
"Stand firm, brothers!" Bellowed the powerful voice of Ixarius Dominum, Chapter Master of the Aurora
Knights. Quimium Romancia stood a mere pace away, the Chief Librarian of the Chapter and closest friend
of Ixarius. Space Marines of the Chapter's Tactical Companies stood around them, gunning down the Tyranid
beasts that converged on their drop pod site. Bolters roared and flamers crackled as the advancing waves
were demolished one after the other, but more kept coming.
"Scouts, any word regarding the Tyrant?" Quimium asked into his vox as he turned around to vaporize a
lictor mid-leap with a bolt of psychic energy. It pained him greatly to draw upon the Warp under the
shadow of the Tyranids, but he was one of the few Librarians in the Imperium who was learned in his craft
well enough to achieve it.
"Affirmative, sir, we have it in sight... a walking Hive Tyrant with standard armament, as well a
:iconmeowmeowmeow21:Meowmeowmeow21 0 0
A Light in the Dark - Pilot Episode
Warhammer 40,000 Fanfiction - "A Light in the Dark" - Pilot Episode
Sira's long, slender legs were crossed as she sat at the table, her chin resting on her arms. Her right
hand rested on the surface of the wraithbone table, feeling the spirit within the Stone of Hope breathing
through it. This stone was a relic of her Craftworld, a spirit stone of deep yellow that radiated a soft,
golden light across the table. Sira's mother had passed it down to her with her dying breath. It was said
the power within the Stone of Hope could restore life to the dying, but it hadn't saved her mother. Was
her mother unworthy to be saved? Or was the stone just simply weaker than everyone liked to pretend?
"You know slouching isn't good for you," Said a masculine voice from behind. Sira didn't need to hear or
see him to know he was there; she'd recognize the comforting presence of Lancier's soul through even the
most violent tempest. Sira sat up at his words, stretching her back and feeling each musc
:iconmeowmeowmeow21:Meowmeowmeow21 2 11
Death Battle: Illaoi vs Davy Jones by Meowmeowmeow21 Death Battle: Illaoi vs Davy Jones :iconmeowmeowmeow21:Meowmeowmeow21 3 5
My Girl in White
"I've met you a thousand times
across the fields of my dreams
I've seen you smile, looked into your eyes
I've never felt so serene
Your embrace is as warm as a coat of fur
Your touch as gentle as the sea
But even as we come together again
I realize it can never be
I feel your hands start to fade away
as the morning light awakens me
Once again I wake up, all alone
Your place in my arms now empty
I've fought the wars of a thousand worlds for you
Each battle a lifetime away
And as I take the hand of my princess at last
I remember that I cannot stay
I chase you again through a thousand dreams
I meet you again every night
But never am I to see you for long
My beautiful girl in white
Tell me your arms aren't a dream I'll wake up from
Tell me when I look into your eyes
I won't have to watch you fade again
Tell me I won't have to feel you die
I long for the day when I'll meet you at last
When together we'll share our dream
But this time when you fade from my mind
We'll be together for all eter
:iconmeowmeowmeow21:Meowmeowmeow21 3 2


WHAT HAVE I DONE by PhantomDreamerLuna WHAT HAVE I DONE :iconphantomdreamerluna:PhantomDreamerLuna 260 22 Punishment by MidoriLied Punishment :iconmidorilied:MidoriLied 285 82 Once-ler fandom Collab - MidoriLied by MidoriLied Once-ler fandom Collab - MidoriLied :iconmidorilied:MidoriLied 143 10 Where is the Faith? by IrvingGFM Where is the Faith? :iconirvinggfm:IrvingGFM 453 150 Syndicate by B-rand271 Syndicate :iconb-rand271:B-rand271 5 2 Chien-Lo (FC) by AstoriaManson Chien-Lo (FC) :iconastoriamanson:AstoriaManson 8 0 Batalla by AstoriaManson Batalla :iconastoriamanson:AstoriaManson 5 0 Naruto Adoptable OTA SOLD by Peachbelle Naruto Adoptable OTA SOLD :iconpeachbelle:Peachbelle 22 20 Synergy by B-rand271 Synergy :iconb-rand271:B-rand271 1 0 Flawless by B-rand271 Flawless :iconb-rand271:B-rand271 1 0 The Dragon's Fist by Unknown117 The Dragon's Fist :iconunknown117:Unknown117 27 1 Warrior by Aerenwyn Warrior :iconaerenwyn:Aerenwyn 1,128 64 Revival of Faith by ClefJ Revival of Faith :iconclefj:ClefJ 33 9 Hello girls! by Macy-Chan Hello girls! :iconmacy-chan:Macy-Chan 2 8 Castle Grey by mandelbulbdotfr Castle Grey :iconmandelbulbdotfr:mandelbulbdotfr 7 2 Snow Knight by Nikulina-Helena Snow Knight :iconnikulina-helena:Nikulina-Helena 202 23
Hackers all over deviantArt? I say ENOUGH!!! Everyone I know on DA knows me and knows what I do, and how I act. They will catch and report any suspicious activity, meaning your hacking will do no good. Likewise I know everyone on my watchers list well enough to catch and report any suspicious activity on their accounts. In addition, if you do decide to hack my account, I have software on my computer that can track your computer signature and can track you down anywhere on earth, and I will personally hunt you down and apply a sledge hammer to whatever filthy excuse for a computer you are using to commit your crimes against the online community. You think I'm joking? You have no idea what you're getting into. 


This will probably be my last journal for a very long time, since I want to keep this warning active. If anything happens of consequence, I'll tell whoever I want to tell through notes. Until further notice, this journal stands as a warning banner to anyone who'd dare think of hacking my account, or any account on my watcher's list. 


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William S
United States
I write novels as a hobby. You might see some of my story characters portrayed here. I also take suggestions for new deviations (See my gallery for what kind of stuff I do)

I am a Youtuber who does Minecraft and general gaming vids including Smite, League of Legends and other games. Subscriptions are most appriciated!

SpiritVDC :iconmeowmeowmeow21:…


You have to be very special to me to get on this list. People are listed in no particular order.

-IRL Friends-

:iconveritaserum394: - My rl best friend Erika

:iconlookazomgbie: - My rl good friend and Yugioh master Devin

:iconsky-smallwolf: - My rl friend Madi

-RP Friends-

:icondaniellandrom: - My good RP friend daniel

:iconsirdoom1: - A very good RP friend

:iconthe-port-of-riches: - A very good RP friend

-DA Family-

:iconworldsmixer1234: - My good friend Maddie

:icontychotma-1: - My very good friend Max

:iconally-aria: - My very good friend Megan

:icongotta-love-furries: - One of my best friends on DA ^^

:iconcoolgirl951: - A very good friend

:icontheta-xi: - My awesome friend June

:icontaratyphoon0729: - My very good gamer friend Lexi

:icongoctavius: - She fought for the Nexus Force... never forget :salute:
>To an amazing friend and to anyone else who knew her as well, this is my small tribute to one of the most wonderful people I ever knew. To me, you were more than a Lego Universe admin, you were my personal friend. I have shed many tears on many nights missing you, longing to talk to you again. I will never forget you, and I often pray that somehow, some way, I'll be able to see you again. :cries: :please: :salute: :ashamed: :cling: :cries: :please: :salute: :forgiveme: :cling:

-Honorable Mentions-

:iconfiregirl951: - A good friend

:iconzola-fullmoon159: - A very good friend

:iconsilentdragon64: - A good friend who needs some love

:iconbeckyfav23: - An entertaining friend of a friend

:iconmousienorn: - Helped me out of trouble once or twice

:iconmelaniedragon: - A very nice person with some very nice art

:iconkylelily123abc4: - Helped me out of trouble once or twice


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